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Welcome Meesha+ Member

You did it! You made a commitment to looking (and feeling) your best! 


Here are a few things to keep in mind about your new Membership:


Treatment Allowances reset monthly on the 'day' you snagged a membership - EXAMPLE:  if you signed up on 9/18, your first treatment is available 9/18-10/17 --- and then your second treatment is available 10/18-11/17, and your third is 11/18 - well you get it! These treatments can be used or stacked whenever they're available (or safe to do so - for example if you never got around to using your Dermaplane in Month 1, and decide you want a B12 shot in month two, you can do them at the same time in Month 2)

Your extra benefits are good at any time during your membership - EXAMPLE: If you get 10% of skin care products, you can come in as often as you want, without an appt, to grab anything you might have run out of! (But I'd always text before driving in, to make sure your favorite is in stock!)

You can always see your benefits / treatment options in your Meesha+ app!

FAQ for Memberships

WHAT IF I CAN'T MAKE IT IN ONE MONTH FOR A TREATMENT? While we hope you'd commit to regular skin care services - the Good news is if you can't make it -  you can just log into your app, claim your treatment and save it to be redeemed at a later date, it will remain valid  for as long as you have your membership! (but our cancellation policy is still in effect, you need to give us 48 hours notices if things need to be moved!)

CAN I TRANSFER A SERVICE TO A FRIEND? Not at this time, but we're looking into it!


Should I book all of my visits ahead of time? If you know your schedule / have a game plan ready with your provider, go for it! If not we can book whatever you're ready for!

How do Deposits work? We MIGHT ask for a $50 deposit at the start of your membership, we can leave that on file for your membership so you never need another deposit (unless you no show!) - at the end of your membership we can refund it or use it towards another  product / service 

What form of payment do you take? The Meesha+ app accepts all major credit / debit cards - but no care credit options at this time!

Ready to Book your first Meesha+ Memberhsip Visit? Book online or Text your favorite office!

You can also text us questions 😘 

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