We're getting older, so we're getting wiser

With over 55 no-show appointments  in April 2018, we knew we needed a change, but we started this practice FOR YOU! So we started a conversation with our clients on Facebook, and found it comforting that nearly all of you support a "no-show" and "Late Cancelation"  fee.  Our goal is not to punish anyone, but with a growing cancelation list, we want to make sure we can provide as much availability to you as possible! 


With that in mind, Starting 6/1/19:

**Consultations are still complimentary (we'd never charge you just to chat.) 


**Any Client who misses an appt without canceling, will be asked to provide a $50 deposit to reschedule.  If you come in for a consultation and decide our services are not for you, no sweat, we'll refund you the deposit,  If you opt to receive treatment that day or a day in the future we'll deduct the $50 from your total.

**Appointments that fall around a Holiday Weekend (Friday or Monday) OR during the Holiday Seasons (October - December)  are subject to a $50 deposit request. 

**All existing clients who fail to cancel an appointment 48 hours in advance  (or who don't bother to cancel at all) will also be charged $50 to hold their NEXT appointment slot.

** If you cancel an appointment that was made while we were offering a  "special" - we may have to release that specaill back into the pile for another guest to use! 

**All Saturday Appts require a $50 deposit. 

**We will collect a $50 deposit after 3 consultations when no treatment is received!