After pulling a report of no-show appointments, we knew we needed a change. But, we started this practice FOR YOU! So we ran a poll and found it comforting that nearly all of you support a "no-show" and "Late Cancelation" fee.  Our goal is not to punish anyone, but to provide as much availability to you as possible to keep you looking and feeling your best! 


*Covid + Flu season is hitting hard this time of year, along with inclement weather conditions. When canceling/rescheduling an appointment with less than 48 hours notice due to an illness or weather, please notify our staff and we can roll over your deposit to your next visit or issue a refund.

*If a second late cancellation/reschedule happens, the initial deposit will be forfeited and a new one will be asked to be placed.


*Consultations are still complimentary (we'd never charge you just to chat.) But, we do require a $50 deposit to hold your spot on the schedule. That deposit is then refunded at your visit or used towards a treatment/service.


*Any client who misses an appt without canceling, will be asked to provide a $50 deposit to reschedule. If you come in for a consultation and decide our services are not for you, no sweat, we'll refund you the deposit. If you opt to receive treatment that day or a day in the future, we'll deduct the $50 from your total.

*Any client who cancels/reschedules less than 48 hours notice, will be asked to put down a $50 deposit for their next appointment.

*Appointments that fall around a Holiday Weekend (Friday or Monday) OR during the Holiday Season (October - December) are subject to a $50 deposit request. 

*All existing clients who fail to cancel an appointment 48 hours in advance (or who don't bother to cancel at all) will also be charged $50 to hold their NEXT appointment slot.

*If you cancel/reschedule an appointment that was made during an in-house promotion, the promotion offer is forfeited.

**All Saturday Appts require a $50 deposit. 

*We will collect a $50 deposit after 3 consultations when no treatment is received!