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Deposits - How and Why

After pulling a report of no-show appointments, we knew we needed a change. But, we started this practice FOR YOU! So we ran a poll and found it comforting that nearly all of you support a "no-show" and / or deposit.  Our goal is not to punish anyone, but to provide as much availability to you as possible to keep you looking and feeling your best! 

It's important to remember a deposit is NOT a booking fee - the deposit will either be applied to your balance at the end of your visit, OR REFUNDED if you just come to chat, or cancel with > 48 hours notice


*Consultations are still complimentary (we'd never charge you just to chat.) But, we do require a $50 deposit to hold your spot on the schedule. That deposit is then refunded at your visit or used towards a treatment/service.

*Any appt block that is equal to or longer than 1 hour will require a $100 deposit

*Fridays in the Summer require deposits (we know, we all love running to the beach last minute, but we still need 48 hours notice if you'd like to reschedule)

*Any client who cancels/reschedules less than 48 hours notice, will be asked to put down a $50 deposit for their next appointment.

*Appointments that fall around a Holiday Weekend (Friday or Monday) OR during the Holiday Season (October - December) are subject to a $50 deposit request. 

*All clients who fail to cancel an appointment 48 hours in advance (or who don't bother to cancel at all) will also be charged $50 to hold their NEXT appointment slot.

*$50 deposit required when booking online

*If you cancel/reschedule an appointment that was made during an in-house promotion, the promotion offer is forfeited.

**All Saturday Appts require a $50 deposit. 


Our team should send you a payment request link for the deposit - if for any reason you don't receive it - reach out to the office to request it be re-sent  - need to know which office number to text? Use the contact page!

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