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Updated Deposit Policy 2024

In 2023, We had over 2,000 no shows/late cancels, so we’re adjusting our deposit requirements to something that works best for both our patients and providers.

Consultations are still complimentary - if you come in just to chat your deposit will be refunded

Before we get started it’s important to remember, a deposit is NOT A PUNISHMENT, it’s a place holder / commitment you’re making to either attend your appt, OR provide 48 hours if you need to reschedule!

'I always pay cash' -we’ve got you, If you’re a regular and aren’t a fan of leaving a deposit ahead of time - and prefer not to leave deposit over our secure website, we can wait until your next visit, and put a card on file, the card won’t be charged unless you ‘no show’ or cancel with less than 48 hours notice, truly don't want to leave a card on file, we can leave a $75 cash deposit on file too!

Deposit requests will range between $75 (Tox, Filler, Skin Care, New friend visits) to $150 (Threads, Vivace, Moxi/BBL) depending on how much time we’re setting aside for you!

If you’ve got Questions on the adjustment, please reach out to us, you know first and foremost we’re here for you!

FOR CURRENTLY BOOKED VISITS WITH DEPOSITS, we’re not going to ‘ask for more money’ to increase your deposits etc, but if you don’t have a deposit or card on file yet, our team MAY reach out to secure one!

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