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Who needs fine lines / Signs of Aging... You for sure don't!

The HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Rejuvenation technique is truly one-of-a-kind among today’s aesthetic laser treatments. HALO™ is the first to utilize a special hybrid capability that allows it to perform both ablative and non-ablative laser treatment simultaneously, effectively targeting the lower and upper layers of skin at the same time. This innovative methodology can ultimately enhance the health of deeper skin layers while resurfacing the outer layers, enabling the HALO™ system to be both effective and efficient for skin rejuvenation. Plus, HALO™ laser treatment is known to be less uncomfortable when compared with other types of laser skin resurfacing, and patients often heal at a faster rate following the procedure. Many individuals are able to return to their normal daily activities within two days after the HALO™ treatment. 

A variety of skin concerns can be addressed with HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser Rejuvenation, including wrinkles and fine lines, environmental damage, mild scarring, actinic keratosis, pigmented lesions, and enlarged pores. This treatment can also improve skin texture and result in a more youthful and refreshed complexion. Many patients require only one or two HALO™ treatment sessions to attain optimal results. We can evaluate your skin during the initial consultation here at Belladerma and help you determine whether the HALO™ technique is the most ideal option for your needs. 

The most versatile laser on the market!

Halo + Contour TRL

What about the Contour TRL

The Contour Tunable Resurfacing Laser, commonly known as Contour TRL™, is essentially a “laser peel” that may be a good option for patients who would like to improve the appearance of mild to severe wrinkles, lax skin, creases around the eyelids or mouth, scarring, or other common skin conditions. Contour TRL™ may be recommended for individuals who suffer from more prominent or severe skin concerns. This technique is known for its ability to provide many of the benefits offered by other types of laser skin resurfacing while resulting in less downtime and reduced side effects. The customized Contour TRL™ treatment is designed to address patients’ primary concerns while simultaneously improving skin health and stimulating the production of natural collagen. Contour TRL™ can be ideal for a comprehensive array of skin types and can be applied to virtually any region of the face and body.

Results and Cost

Patience Please, while results are noticeable  after 1 treatment, 2 or 3 treatments may be necessary for full effect / results

 Cost varies depending on the size of area but you can get a ballpark here!

 A complimentary consultation is a great place to start!  You can always


If you've already got an appointment booked, you can find the Pre-Post care instructions here! 

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