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Mother's Day 'Shed the Stress' Package

We get it, being a 'mom' can be stressful (fun fact, 80% of our Staff are Moms!) -

So we whipped up an affordable gift option for your favorite mom, even if that favorite mom is... yourself...)

$100 gets you a Dermaplane + Biocellulose Masque AND a Magic Tox card good for 5 Complimentary Tox units

 (with the purchase of 15 units, because just  5 units of Tox is never enough 😂) 

- value of this package is $210 -

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 12.07_edited.png


Buying this for someone else? And want something to 'give them'? 

Stop by any of our locations during operating hours and buy this  cute bundle full of cards redeemable for the Dermaplane + Masque + Magic Botox Card!


On Meesha+

Buying this for yourself?* You can find the Shed the Stress Package on Meesha+ and can snag the Dermaplane + Masque + Magic Botox card digitally while sitting in the parent pick up line! 

*At this time you cannot transfer a package bought in YOUR meesha+ account to someone else, so only buy this if you're planning on using it yourself! 


Not a fan of packages or - not sure your favorite mom will enjoy the 'shed the stress package?  Naturally we also have your good old fashion gift cards available!  (In any denomination - no amount too small, an of course no amount too big!)  Good for Anything at Meesha! 

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