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Want the benefits of a nose job without  the downtime or cost?

Then you might be looking for a Liquid Nose Job! Using filler, our injectors can shape, sculpt and change the shape of your nose!  Whether you're not a fan of a bump, or bend on the center piece of your face it's totally fixable!  


Michelle's Nose

Our business owner / lead injector has been putting off her nose treatment for over 5 years now, but she finally hopped in the chair and now she's ready to share her journey! 

Find out what's the Ricketts E line is - AND why noses are more complex in general all 


My nose always made me uncomfortable, I would never take pictures from the side because I couldn't stop focusing on the bump!  I consulted with Michelle and she made me feel so comfortable I got treated the same day!  There was no pain, and my results were immediate!  

Marta // Philadelphia 

I broke my nose when I was younger and now it looks crooked!  I can't afford the downtime of an actual nose job so I checked  with Michelle and she said she could sculpt my nose, I never thought it would look this straight! It's like my accident never happened! 

Allie // Quakertown

How do I know if I'm a candidate? 


You can schedule a complimentary consultation OR you can text / Facebook us a selfie (profile and from the front) and we'll let you know what we're thinking! 

Ready for a Consultation or Treatment? You can.. 

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We're always available for questions by text / call 610.349.6390

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