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 While the word Chemical Peel sounds scary, you're going to have to trust us when we tell you, it's going to be the best decision you've made for your skin!  Using one of our suggested levels, you can experience everything for a light hollywood glow, to a deep full face resurfacing! 

"Hi, I'm Liz! Chemical peels are a great starting block + the results are always Amazing! My co-worker Kelsey and I talked and our  favorite part about meeting with a client who's never gotten a peel before is educating them on their options, so please ask us anything!"


                                         - Liz (our Head Esthetician)



Some people may experience actual peeling* from our stronger peels, it's not always fun but trust us the results are worth it. 

*Peeling or not peeling is not indicative of a "good peel."  

You don't have to peel to glow! 

Enlighten Peel

This peel is so amazing at erasing melasma and age spots we made an entire webpage about it! 


This family of peels includes Clarifying, Brightening and Rejuv which are citric / glycol based, this means no peeling!


It also includes the HIGH-LEVEL Retinol Peel, this will cause you to peel for about 48 hours starting 3 days after the peel! 

SKin Medica

Tried and true our Skin Medica peels have been with us since the beginning!

 Illuminze is a light chemical exfoliation, no peeling, just glowing!

Vitalize is a 10% Jessner solution and will leave you flakey for a day or two but will leave your skin sooooo smooth!  


Our Strongest Peel!  The Reve peel will shed your skin like a snake! It's a good thing, and your new skin will emerge in 7 days! So take a deep breath, and be ready to shine bright! 

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I've always struggled with acne scarring and would do just about anything to try and clear it from my cheeks.  I met with Liz for a consultation and felt so comfortable with her that I had the treatment done the same day!  I went for the strongest peel, so there was 2 days of down time but my results made it more than worth it!  I would recommend this to just about everyone for hte feeling of smooth skin! 

AJ  // Emmaus

I'm an avid user of Botox (shh, don't tell my husband) but there were still a few super fine lines that I just couldn't shake (something about out of the botox zone) .  So Danielle  recommended I try a Chemical Peel with Liz, I got a level 2 and it did exactly what I was looking for! I can't wait for my next one!  

Willow  // Schnecksville

I was at first intimidated by the number of options  there were for peels and was super worried about the downtime.  I'm glad Jan recommend I start with a Level I, Liz agreed and I had it done the same day as my Filler!  Two days later and I walked out of the house without cover up! I put on some lips and strutted out that door, my skin was glowing!  

Britanie  // Philadelphia

Chemical Peels in Allentown and Warminster
Chemical Peels in Allentown and Warminster

Chemical Peels in Allentown and Warminster
Chemical Peels in Allentown and Warminster

Skin Peels in Allentown and Warminster
Skin Peels in Allentown and Warminster

Chemical Peels in Allentown and Warminster
Chemical Peels in Allentown and Warminster


Ask about using

Chemical Peels

for sunspots / wrinkles

on your chest!  3 treatments will leave your bosom beautifully brightened!

Peels Range in price from and you can get a ballpark here.

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