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Jackie Walsh

"I can't believe how lucky I am to restore confidence in people! The smiles on their faces are priceless!"


 Jackie came to Meesha Aesthetics with 13 years of nursing experience in the aesthetics industry. Her extensive clinical and surgical experience comes from working directly in two busy hospitals, as the head of the plastic surgery department AND a busy plastic surgeons’ practice. The last few years of Jackie's career she has focused on cosmetic injections. 

Jackie’s widespread background in both the medical and cosmetic fields combined with her honesty and artistic eye, make her an ideal fit in the medical skin care industry. 

When she isn’t busy learning new cutting-edge techniques or sharing on her Instagram @Injector_Jackie, Jackie is spending quality time with her husband Brian, their crazy brood of kids and two quirky English bulldogs. 

“My work is my passion. Creating a customized approach to help my patients meet their aesthetic goals is extremely rewarding. The ability to be part of a process that allows my patients to regain their confidence is my ultimate payout.” 

Read about Jackie's Personal Skin Care Journey here

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