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Desiree Moser

"Skin is my passion, your happiness is my goal!"


Desiree has wanted to work in the aesthetic industry since she was young, always with a goal of being a nurse injector. After starting a family with her husband Jared in her early 20's, she began the pursuit to her dream job while her two boys were toddlers. She graduated from Metro Beauty Academy in 2018 with an esthetics license to have a background in skin before starting nursing school and has worked for several years in the tattoo removal industry. Desiree attended St. Lukes School of Nursing and graduated in August, 2021 with intentions to continue education and earn a BSN.

Transitioning from esthetician to nurse injector - Desiree put in over one year of exclusively shadowing and training with our nurse injector Danielle. She has gained an abundance of knowledge and was a fast learner when it came to injecting clients alongside Danielle and on her own.

Desiree has also been apart of numerous injectable trainings and continues to show her dedication and drive through her participation in consults. She loves researching products and techniques to educate clientele via social media posts on her Instagram @injector_desiree  

In her free time she likes to spend time taking road trips with her family including Denver, an Italian mastiff, binge-watch TV shows, eating nachos and will never say no to a malted chocolate milkshake.

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