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Big Events Take Preparation 

Weddings are the most common reason people set up an aesthetic time line, but the following guide is great for Brides, Grooms, Mothers of the Brides... people getting ready for Reunions, Birthdays, Vacations... the list goes on! 

But keep in mind, everyone is different, so this is a loose guide and we'll create a custom game plan at your complimentary consultation!   Take a look at what our employee Chris has been doing for his wedding here!

6-12 Months Before.... Consults

This is best time to set up a complimentary consult to get your customized game plan - we may even set you up with a new skin care routine and if wrinkle reduction is your end game... we can even start your Botox at this visit!

4 Months Before... Microneedling / Chem Peels

Since these services are best in series... 4 months before the big day is the best time to get started.  Usually you'll visit us once per month for 3 months for these services

2 Months Before... Skin Re-Asses

Skin Team wants to see how any new products are going, how are your microneedling's, those chemical peels working wonders? It's another 'tweaking' things to make Meesha Magic

The week of the Big Day!

You put in the time, effort and money, now it's time to shine! By now we'll know your skin and will recommend either a Dermaplane, Diamond Glow or Hydrafacial -- this no downtime treatment will remove dead skin and maybe facial hair -- your make up will go on flawlessly 

5-9 Months Before... Filler

If you're thinking about filler (lips, under eyes, jaw, chin etc) - Now is a great time to get started, this gives us months JUST incase there's a bruise or we have to make a tweak, or you need a second session! 

3 Months Before... Botox

Botox round two! Botox lasts 3(ish) months, this will be your second visit and we'll fine tune your results. LOVED it the first time? lets go again... Too much? let's lighten it up... Too little, let's add! 

1 Month Before... Final Botox

By now we know what you love and don't love (if anything) about Botox and we're ready to give you the final Botox treatment 1 month before the big day, so by the time your event is here, you can still smile, raise a brow and look natural (yet wrinkle free!)

AFTER The Event

I mean you could leave us forever but we'd be sad... we hope you come back for a service or two and bring in your event photos, we love seeing them!


What Our Clients Say

Couple in Flower Fields
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Nina H

Nearly every other aspect of my Wedding was 'stressful' But scheduling and maintaining my goals with the Meesha Team was easy.  While I started out as a client, I quickly became a friend and I'm so thrilled with how I looked on my big day! 

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