Frequently Asked Questions

Real Questions, Asked by Real People.

Q: Wait, I don't want my before and after photos shared! 

A: No sweat! We only share pictures of guests who say it's okay to!

Q: How do I get that 10% off as a new client? 

A: All you have to do is ask at your first visit! ** If you don't ask, we don't do it automatically** 

Q: What's the deal with these Facebook Contests?  Is there any small print I should know about?

A: We love open and frequent communication and participation on any social platform, our largest and most updated platform is Facebook.  Occasionally we run contests through Facebook or Twitter.  Unless announced, winners are always selected at random (usually drawn out of a pink hat!) unless specified otherwise.  To claim a prize, you need to swing by our office, located at 415 Business Park Lane in Allentown PA.  If you don't claim your prize within 2 months, it goes back into our pot and we try to give it away to someone else via another contest!  Offers can't be combined with any monthly specials, but can be combined with Brilliant distinctions  or Aspire Rewards!  Winners can win once per year and have 1 year to redeem their service based  prize


Q: Is fractional laser compatible with Botox? I applied the urbium laser 1 week after Botox on my forehead and eyes. Only 3 weeks later the effect of botox disappeared and wrinkles recurred. Is this due to laser that might have denatured botox?

A: Botox and fractional laser work well together! No. Having a fractional laser treatment will not cause the Botox to wear off. In fact, used together they can create great results and provide and a more rejuvenated look.


Q:  I’ve recently had Botox for crow’s feet and I’m pleased with the results (I’m 36). However, I would like to have a total smooth eye area. Now I want to focus on my under eye wrinkles, lines under my inner eye corner and ‘creping’. I see movie stars without it, so I know it’s possible to do something about those last three. The question is: what?! Fillers? laser? Something else? Thank you!

A: Crepiness of the lower eyelid skin can be improved with fractionated CO2 lasers. You should be evaluated to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. Good luck!


Q: Can I Still Move my Forehead After Botox? I am self-conscious of the lines on my forehead and am desperately looking for a way to reduce them however I am a 29 year old actress and am cautious of using Botox. Is it possible to get such a treatment where the muscles are weakened but not totally paralysed so expressions are still possible?

A: Maintaining forehead movement with Botox is obtainable! If the treatment is done appropriately, one can still have facial expression while maintaining a relatively smooth forehead.  It is best to start conservatively with the amount of neuromodulator used, more can always be added.​


Q: Is Botox my best bet for pebble chin treatment? What would the cost be? I’m 19 years old and have developed what I believe is called “pebble chin”. When I smile my chin has little bumps and lumps on it and it makes my chin look deformed. I thought it was from falling on my chin a few years back and getting stiches causing my chin to become bumpy, but it could be from the fact that I have TMJ and ‘clench’ my jaw often? I’m not sure. Is Botox the best solution and what would the cost be approximately? 

A: Your pebbly chin may represent a hyperactive mentalis muscle which has nothing to do with a previous fall. If that is the case, a few units of Botox or any comparable neurotoxin would work just fine. 4-8 units are all that you would need at a cost of $100-200. See us for a complimentary consultation and we'll see if Botox is best for you!


Q: Can you exercise after Botox or will It decrease the results?

A: Hold off for 12 hours after botox to work out

Q: How Safe is Botox when Applied to the Upper Lip for Smoker’s Lines? Considering the fragility and the sensitivity of the skin area, is Botox a recommended option?

A: Generally, smoker’s lines are treated with dermal filler like Restylane or Juvederm not Botox. Smoker’s lines appear due to a loss of volume in the area, so using fillers will restore the volume and decrease the appearance of the unwanted lines. In some cases, Botox can be used as well to treat the lines, but you should see an experienced injector to see what is best for your situation.


Q: When can you exercise after getting Dysport? I’ve heard 12 hours. I have also heard just to not turn upside down… no headstands as with yoga or gymnastics.

A: ANY exercise after Dysport, Botox or any neuromodulator injections is fine. Its ok to go on about your normal workout routine and daily activities immediately after a Dysport treatment.


Q: I have mild worry lines and no crows feet, but I have deep nasolabial lines. Is Dysport right for me? Can you use Dysport for naolabial lines. They are vertical like worry lines between the brows?

A: Dysport is best used to treat fine lines caused by facial expressions, like crow’s feet, frown lines, worry lines, 11 lines, etc.  Filler injections are a much better treatment for your nasolabial lines. A filler like Juvederm is great for softening deep folds and adding volume back to your face for a more youthful appearance.


Q: How often are Dysport procedures needed to keep frown lines hidden?

A: The effects of Dysport last for 4-6 months for many of my patients. However results do vary from patient to patient, so your results might be slightly different. Once your Dysport starts to wear off you can go back to your dermatologist for touch-up injections to keep the frown lines hidden.


Q: Approximately how long does it take to see the full effects of a Dysport brow lift?How long will the results from Dysport brow lift last?

A: Full results of Dysport browlift injections will be visible within one week of your treatment. The effects of Dysport generally lasts for 4-6 months. Once they wear off you can go back to your cosmetic dermatologist for touch-up injections.