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Quick Facts

  • Daxxify was FDA Approved in 2022

  • It's a Neuromodulator / Wrinkle Relaxer that claims to last 5-6 months

  • It's a LUXURY neurotoxin that pushes longevity, it costs a bit more (compared to $12-$13 / unit for the other neurotoxins) - Contact us for pricing!

  • It's injected like every other neuromodulator

  • Starts working' in 4-7 days

  • Looking for an alternative? We also Carry BotoxDysport and Jeuveau.



Does it hurt?

Nope, nearly every person who sits in our chair comments "wait, that's it?"

Will I look worse when the Daxxify wears off?

Nope, think of Daxxify as a pause button. Aging will resume if you opt to stop Botox

Is it dangerous?

Not at all, it's been around 2019 with little no complications when administered correctly!

Will I look fake?

Of course not! You'll look like you, just a bit more refreshed and alert


Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 6.03.26 PM.png


A longer lasting Neurotoxin

A word from the makers of Daxxify:

After 30 years of stability in the neuromodulator - Revance cosmetics FDA approval has shaken things up quite a bit! 

SCIENCE: Daxxify is NOT just 'longer lasting Botox' it's a totally different product that's been designed from the ground up - filled with Positively charged IONs that latch on stronger to negatively charged nerve endings - the same nerves that cause the wrinkles to occur in the first place

Daxxify is also built with slow release molecules so the duration of your results gets that extended boost


Coming Soon - when we get a few people to use it!


Coming Soon - when we get a few people to use it!


Coming Soon - when we get a few people to use it!


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Ask About Daxxify for other treatment areas!

We're working on getting some Before and Afters! 

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Pricing can be discussed 

in person or via text

Or call/text us!


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