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Katie Kelley, RN

"Being an injector is my passion, but listening to people is my forte"

Katie has 34 years of nursing experience with the last 13 years in Aesthetics. One of the things she loves about nursing is that it’s one career with many paths. Early on in her career she worked as a Traveling Nurse in Labor and Delivery. It taught her a lot about being self-sufficient and confident in her knowledge and skills. Learning to adapt to new work environments as well as meeting and getting to know new people. Katie also worked in Ambulatory and Plastic Surgery as a Preoperative and Recovery Room Nurse.  


Katie’s first introduction to Aesthetics was as a patient, she said “learning to take better care of my skin led to me furthering my education and obtaining my Esthetician license.” Katie has extensive knowledge in skin conditions like Melasma, Rosacea and Acne, skin care products, lasers, chemical peels, and microneedling. Katie believes you can’t just do one thing for healthy skin, it has to be a well rounded approach.


Her passion as a Nurse Injector started early on in Aesthetics, Katie is fascinated by the facial anatomy and the aging process.  Education is key in this industry and she looks forward to learning and training to keep up with the latest trends! Katie is also well versed in the use of Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau,) Dermal Fillers, Biostimulators, and Novathreading to enhance a patient’s natural beauty. In addition, she enjoys working off the face by doing PRP injections for hair loss. Katie is known to be a good listener and works well with her patients to achieve their goals.  


Katie has been quoted as saying  “I love people!”  - she enjoys getting to know her patients on a personal level. She feels fortunate to learn about their families, hobbies and passions. They in turn learn about her! Katie is newly married to husband Bryan, which whom she adores. She has two children of her own and has become a bonus mother to Bryan's two sons. They also have two German Shepherds Sasha and Hank who bring so much unconditional love to their family. When Katie isn’t being a nurse she loves to cook, collect cookbooks and exercise. 


Katie was so excited to join Team Meesha! She has known Michelle for 12 years now, and has trained with her many times. She has seen many previous clients from past employment and has gained many new friends along the way.


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