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Dana Kazan, RN

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence and I am so lucky to be able to make my clients feel more confident!”

Dana had 2 years of bedside nursing experience before pursuing a career in aesthetics. Her goal is to make her clients comfortable in their own skin. She graduated with her BSN from Holy Family University in 2019 and prior to that worked at Sephora and has always had a passion for all things beauty! Her passion led her to the world of aesthetic medicine which she entered by taking an injectables training course with National Laser Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dana also had prior injecting experience before she was lucky enough to join Team Meesha! 


Dana believes that aesthetic medicine is truly a form of art and is also a journey. She likes to slowly build towards her clients aesthetic goals as she believes that since Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will her clients lips/face. Balance and natural results are what Dana is all about! 


In her free time Dana enjoys spending time with her fiancé and friends, traveling, and of course, studying and training to be the best injector she can be for her Meesha clients! 

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