'Dee' Umstead


“My career gives me the ability to change someone’s life and restore confidence, not everyone is lucky enough to say that about their job.”


Dee graduated with her BSN from York College of Pennsylvania. She first started her career as a Registered Nurse on a Post-Surgical Care Unit. Dee gained experience seeing a variety of surgeries and procedures during her first year as nurse. She moved on to become a nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Abington Jefferson Hospital for 4 years while earning her Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Thomas Jefferson University, in 2018.  As a new nurse practitioner, she focused mainly in gerontology and managing acute and chronic conditions of the older adult population. For a period of time she also worked part-time as a nurse practitioner in a pediatric office.


While her prior experience was certainly rewarding, she has been interested in aesthetics for years and she has finally joined team Meesha. She plans to bring her vast clinical experience to the table. She has shown to be a quick learner and is always motivated to better herself in her career. While Dee has always enjoyed the many different paths nursing has taken her on; she feels she has finally found her calling here at Meesha.

 Dee has always had a deep interest in beauty and self-care.


She plans to help her clients feel comfortable in their own skin by providing nonsurgical techniques to enhance her clients current beauty. Her practice has always been focused primarily in preventative care and she plans to continue this approach with her current clients. While aging is inevitable, Dee's goal is to help her clients age gracefully. She believes in helping her clients gain self-confidence while create lasting friendships along the way. Dee feels that beauty is not “one size fits all” and embraces everyone’s unique features.


When Dee joined team Meesha, she was very impressed with how open her co-workers are with their clients. She appreciated how her co-workers always assessed their patients to come up with a plan best suited to fit them. Dee values this honesty and plans to use these same techniques in her daily practice at Meesha. 

When she’s not the working, Dee can be found with her husband, traveling or enjoying the outdoors. They enjoy hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding or just enjoying nature’s beauty. Dee also values her family and friends and always makes sure to set aside time to spend together.  Here's what happened when Dee Injected Frankie!