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What Bothers You Most? 

This is just a sample of the enhancements we can make to your already beautiful self! Click the arrow to learn more.  

If you don't see something you're looking for! Ask us!  AND if you're looking for options in Philly, CLICK HERE!

Under Eye

Bags / Filler

Dehydration, stress, genetics, lack of sleept... no matter what the cause - we've got you!

Pregnancy Safe Options 

Bun in the oven? Or maybe you're breast feeding - these are the options for you! 

NonSurgical Face Lift

It's pricey, it's got down time - but GIRL does it yield some AMAZING results! 

Liquid Nose


No needs to under the knife to get your dream nose  - with a splash of filler, we've got you! 

Butt Dimples

We're not going to turn you into Kim Kardashian, but we can fill in hip dips and cellulite! We can help you look better naked / in a bathing suit! 

Chemical Peels

With over 40 peels, which one is best for you is decided during your consultation - but don't panic, we can do your treatment the same day!

Oxy Facial

Our lightest / no downtime facial is great to treat mask acne or any dryness caused by frequent mask use or winter weather!

Psoriasis / Acne Laser

Our new aerolase can handle it

Melasma / Sunspots

Enlighten peel so strong it deserves a box of its own. Two part peel will leave you glowing!

Hydrafacial / Diamond Glow

This 4 in 1 facial treatment extracts dirt, infuses serums and strips dead skin

PDO or Silhouette Thread

Literally dissolvable threads used to lift and tighten your face - science is crazy!

Lip Filler / Lip Lines

Our second most popular



treatment - specializing in



subtle or proud pout! no, it



doesn't hurt!


Skin cells die naturally, but they don't always shed themselves - Dermaplaning can help - and it removes peach fuzz too!

Vaginal Rejuvenation 

Urinary leakage, not feeling as tight as you once were - we've got you covered!  

Laser Resurfacing

Fine lines, Acne Scars, sun spots, a one stop treatment - comes with lots of downtimes!


Our most popular skin care service - Everyone sees change. Targeting acne scars and fine lines! With minimal downtime!

Laser Hair Removal 

Our machine is less than 2 years old, includes cool comfort tech, and is wicked affordable.

PRP / Hair Restoration

Did you know PRP (platelet rich plasma) can help restore fading hair volume? 

Over Sweating

Botox can solve that! with 50 units per arm we can stop sweating for 6 months! 

Lip Filler / Lip Lines

Our second most popular



treatment - specializing in



subtle or proud pout! no, it



doesn't hurt!

The Skinny Shot

Semaglutide is here, but it's not a 'cure all' we need to talk abotu a few things! 

Longer Lasting Botox

Daxxify is here! It lasts 4-5 months! 

Hollow Temples

Aging of the face is most notable in the temple area - it's amazing what a splash of filler can do

Coming Soon

This space is reserved for ONLY products we feel actually make a difference! 

Hormone Therepy

We test your current hormone levels, to determine what's off kilter and make adjustments


You've got a Rash, let us see it!

BBL / Halo

The Newest light based therepy to erase melasma and offer skin retexturing

B12 Shots

Giving you the boost you need to stay healthy and get through your day!

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