What Bothers You Most? 

This is just a sample of the enhancements we can make to your already beautiful self! If you don't see something you're looking for! Ask us! 

Unwanted Body Hair

We did 6 months of research to find the best Laser Hair Removal device, and we found it! The GMax Pro is the best you'll get! 

Non-Surgical Facelift

Frustrated with anti-aging creams and want something more dramatic, We're proud and thrilled to now offer Profound!  This amazing treatment lasts 3 years and does an amazing job restoring collagen and elastin!  Looking for something more immediate, ask us about Silhouette Threads

Fine Lines (Wrinkles)

Wrinkles can be thought of as the scars of movment. What's that mean?  Everyone starts with Dynamic Lines (the lines you see when you make expressions) and overtime they turn to Static Lines (the lines that stick around after you stop making expressions).  Botox is most effective at relaxing wrinkles but it's not a cure all, proper skin care is still required for optimal results! 

Double Chin / Turkey Neck

No need to live with that Double Chin, thanks to Kybella!  This fat dissolver peremently gets rid of the adipose undeath the neck! 

Lip Lines, Smoker Lines

You use your mouth for EVERYTHING.  It makes sense it's one of the first areas to age. Lip Lines (sometimes refered to as smoker lines) seem to appear overnight!  Fortunately with Juvederm or Radiesse, we can fill those lines and resotre youth! 

Sun Spots, Uneven Skin Pigmentation

The Sun can wreck havock on yoru skin over time.  Years of improper skin care can lead to sunspots or uneven pigment. Fortunately with Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning our esthetcian can even out the skin tone. 

Frown Lines

Continuous expression can lead to Frown Lines.  These lines appear over the bridge of the nose an are sometimes refered to as your 11's.  Botox is the best bet for thes wrinkles! 

Fuller Lips

Whether you want to go subtle, or full Kardashian, Juvederm is your best bet for plumping a lip.  Create a natural looking pout that instantly draws attention. 

Spider Veins

Thanks to Sclerotherapy we're able to permanently collapse and erase those tricky spider veins that pop up as we age! 

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Permenant Makeup

Tired of filling in your eye brows every morning?  Permanent make up (aka PowderBrows) might be right for you! Learn more here

Overall Glow

Looking to just give yourself a re-fresh, and glow. Hydrafacial is right for you! 5 steps in a 1/2 hour will leave you bright and glowing! 

Sunspots, Freckles , Age Spots

The GMax Pro is an amazing device that can erase anything imperfection that's bothering you! 

Urinary incontinence / Vaginal Rejuvenation

Aging doesn't just stop at the neck, Post-Child birth our lady bits can look and feel "old" ... Good news is, there are solutions! CO2RE Intima is ready to revive and restore your pretty kitty! 

Veiny Hands

Your hands can age your quicker than any other part of the body! Fortuantley with a variety of fillers on hand, we can restore the youth to your hands. 

Hollow Cheeks

Over time the apple of your cheeks fall causing havoc and creating lines around your mouth and nose.  Voluma lifts the cheeks back to where they were (in your 20's) and restores youth! 


Belmishes can pop up over night, or be more of a long term problem.  We've got long term soloutions for you.  Visit with our esthetican to set up a skin care regiment that will promte clear and healthy skin.  Over the counter products are great, but our medical grade products are better! 

Acne Scars

Years of Acne can leave your face filled with Acne Scars, but the good news is the FDA has cleared Bellafill to be a perment filler for Acne Scars.  

Extra Belly Fat

There are two kinds of fat, visceral and subcontaneous.  You can hit the gym for hours but subcontaenous fat is stubborn and won't go away.  Thank goodness for for Ultrashape


Dimples are cute on cheeks but not so cute on the back of your thighs.  Up until now, it seemed that cellulite was a permenant curse. Now with Profound we can erase that cellulite! 

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