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This Peel is literally a game changer for Melasma

The Enlighten Peel is the first of its kind to target skin discoloration and reduce age spots, melasma and even out the skin tone! This two-visit peel is perfect for women (and men) who are  serious about restoring an even complexion and are ready for a dash of down time! 

Here's how it works: The Enlighten peel inhibits melanogenesis by paralyzing melanin production. It exfoliates the upper surface of the skin and is enhanced by lightening agents, and during the 2-step prescription peel that takes about 20-35 minutes, your discolored pigmentation is brought to the surface, which increases cell turnover.

"Hi, I'm Heather! Chemical peels are a great starting block + the results are always Amazing! My team and I love chatting with new peel clients and going over every option to pick the right peel for them! 

                                         - Heather (one of our estheticians)



About  90% of folks experience peeling with the enlighten peel and that's not a bad thing! Set aside 4-6 days for flaking skin and be ready to continue your skin care routine when the peeling stops! 

Why Does It cost More Than Other Peels?

This peel feels like it comes with a steeper price for one major reason... it's a two-visit peel! For your initial investment in your skin you'll be setting up two peel visits which provides optimal results for up to 9 months! 

But the value doesn't stop there, this peel also comes with some pretty amazing post-care supplies! 

Who Is the peel designed for? 

Melasma and bad skin discoloration, if you're looking for something to help with acne scars, ask us about our other peel options! 

That's why consultations are complimentary! 

Should I Be Worried About Anything?

No, as long as you're not pregnant or breast feeding you are in the clear! This treatment is good for all skin types, although darker skin friends might have to pre-treat with Hydroquinone!

Check Out These Results!

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 9.16.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 9.16.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 9.16.40 AM.png

Ask about using

Chemical Peels

for sunspots / wrinkles

on your chest!


 3 treatments will leave your bosom beautifully brightened!

Ready for a Consultation or Treatment? Book with Kelsey or Kayln! 

We're always available for questions by text / call 610.349.6390

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