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'Weight Managment' with Semaglutide

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You might have heard the celebrities talking abotu Ozempic, Semaglutide is the active ingredient that makes that particular injection work for weight managment.  We avoid calling this the 'skinny shot' becuase we're here to help your overall health and wellness via weight loss!

a FREQUENTLY asked question and concern is the feeling that we're taking this medication away from friends with Diabetes who might need it!  - Good news,  we actually have this particular medication compounded (which means 'made' specifically batched) just for our office for this purpose, so we're making sure friends who need this medication for medical reasons also have access to what they need! 

Getting this treatment isn't as easy as say, booking a botox visit - you will need to schedule a consultation and either arrive with a full CMP blood panel - or have us send you to a local testing center so we can ensure you're healthy enough for treatment 

Semaglutide works by slowing down digestion, so you feel more full, quicker - therefore you consume less calories and can avoid over eating.  It also works by muting sensors in the brain that say 'more more more' so you can walk by the donuts in the break room and not crave one!

How quick does it work?

How good is your diet / exercise? Are you drinking water? Are you giving yourself the shot every week at the same time? Are you listening to your body when it says 'you're not hungry' or are you eating out of habit?

Really results are depend on you! 

What's the first step?

Use the BMI calculator to ensure you're OVER 25 - then Book a consultation with Katie, Trish,  Kristen, Christine, or Michelle! 

To get started quickly and right after your first visit, have a recent blood panel - or schedule yourself one to be completed ASAP!


We like to monitor any changes to your blood work over time... 

What happens at a visit? What is Pricing?*
*Pricing varies based on pharmacy / shipping

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