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5 Things To Ask A Nurse Injector

Whether meeting an Injector for the first time or trying a new service, here are 5 things you'll want to ask, along with our answers!



How long have you been Injecting?  Do you have  immediate access to help?

We've got over 50 years combined experience and a beautiful staff of 7 in case you were wondering!


Where do you buy your Product from?

We get our products direct from  US Manufacturers, if you can't read the box of the product you're about to receive... RUN! 



Do you have any testimonials or before and after photos?

We could tell you we're really good becuase were in the top 1% of the country, or you could trust  the 1600+ five star reviews we've got on Google, Facebook,  Realself and Yelp


Are you using new gloves, new ice packs and new needles?

We don't have to elaborate on this one right? Re-using gloves or ice is gross... re-using needles is illegal. 


How often do you continue your education?

Working under a National Trainer (for both Allergan and Galderma) every staff member must complete 2 courses per year. Yay more knowledge!

We've got so much more to say on the matter! CLICK HERE!

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