The ability to treat scars, discoloration, wrinkles, and skin laxity with fractional lasers has grown in leaps and bounds. Fractional CO2 resurfacing has proven to be extremely effective in treating pigmentation and skin laxity. The newest fractional CO2 laser to hit the market is the powerful yet versatile CO2RE from Syneron and Candela. The CO2RE features dual laser waves that can be adjusted to penetrate the skin at both superficial and deep levels simultaneously.

CO2RE is a versatile fractional laser system that enables our staff to precisely target and effectively treat the skin’s surface, middle and deep dermal levels in addition to performing traditional CO2 resurfacing. The treatment is lighter, faster and offers more versatility for skin resurfacing when compared to traditional ablation. CO2RE has the ability to treat both superficial and deep layers of skin simultaneously while providing our staff  with maximum precision and control when it comes to the intensity of treatment, pattern and depth of ablation.


Fractional Laser

What Does Core Laser Treat?

  • Acne Scars

  • CO2 Resurfacing

  • Fractional Resurfacing

  • Scar Treatment

  • Wrinkles

  • Face, Hands, chest, arms, legs, we can cover it all! 

What Is A Treatment Like?

We'll first clean the skin, then shield your eyes because after all we're using a laser! Using a rapid fire technique, we can get up to 300 pulses in under 30 minutes


 We've never been an office to sugar coat it, this might be one of our more painful treatments.  Most clients compare it to a tattoo or bee sting, a burst of quick pain that goes away quicker than it came! 

You'll leave the office quite red, and the down time to this treatment is about 7-10 days. 

This might sound scary, but trust us, the results are mind blowingly worth it! 

How Does It Work?

We'll spare you the boring science jargon (unless you want it!)The CO2RE Fractional Laser, per its namesake, fractional lasers only treat a fraction of the skin at a time with laser beams but treatment is aggressive. Essentially, the laser drills millions of tiny holes in the skin – vaporizing what it comes in contact with and creating columns into the skin. The minute damage or “wounds” created by the laser force the body to heal with new and healthy skin, after eradicating any previous pigmented or lax skin. The depth of laser penetration determines what is being treated.

Results and Cost

Patience Please, results are not immediate! Your skin will naturally heal revealing younger, brighter skin in about 14 days! The results last about 3  years depending on your rate of aging.

 Cost varies depending on the depth.

 A complimentary consultation is a great place to start!  You can always BOOK ONLINE.  

If you've already got an appointment booked, you can find the Pre-Post care instructions here! 

An Example

of Recovery

What Happens During A Treatment? 

CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown
CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown
CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown
CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown
CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown
CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown
CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown
CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown
CO2RE Fractional Laser in Allentown



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