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You don't have to look like you didn't sleep last night

(or that your kids kept you up!)

You might be looking for under eye filler! It's great at creating the illusion that you no longer have dark circles or puffiness under the eyes!  This treatment uses one of two fillers to smooth out the shelf of fluid that seems to sit underneath your eye. 


I swear I sleep 8-10 hours a night, but that never seemed to matter! Once Team Meesha told me about the causes of under eye circles (like dehydration, genetics or stress) it all made more sense! After 2 syringes and just 30 minutes in the office, I finally look like I'm getting sleep! 

Sarah // Easton

Everyone always asked if I was tired, or feeling alright, it was embarrassing and annoying!  I had been going to Meesha for a while and saw a picture of an under eye fill on their instagram, I texted to make a quick appointment, i had to wait a solid 3 weeks (dang them for being popular!) But the wait was worth it and WOAH!  Everyone has stopped asking those embarassing questions!  

Marc // Harrisburg

I was nervous to ask about under-eye filler because i had heard horror stories! But once I read up on Meesha's reviews I was ready to do it! So I made the appointment and was instantly put at ease!  I will most definitley keep up with this service year after year! 

Allison // Hazelton 


How do I know if I'm a candidate? 


You can schedule a complimentary consultation OR you can text / Facebook us a selfie (close up of your eyes and full face) and we'll let you know what we're thinking! 

Under Eye Filler starts at $750 but we need to see you before a final quote is given!

Ready for a Consultation or Treatment? You can.. 

Book Now

We're always available for questions by text / call 610.349.6390

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