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Meesha Aesthetics is continuously
updating our products list! With over 40 products, even if it's not listed -- ask about it! Click any of the products below
for more information and before and afters! 


It's in our name! We go through 10,000 units a week! It's great at relaxing wrinkles 


It's like Coke vs. Pepsi - Dysport vs. Botox - some people have a preference - other don't 


The newest neurotoxin on the market helping us relax your wrinkles! 


You don't need to live with your double chin.  This can help snatch your jawline!


A softer filler option for a subtle lip.  This product can also be feathered into other areas of the face!


Our longest lasting filler (5+ years) but before you get excited, this can only be used on certain areas of the face!

PDO Threads

Offering a non surgical lift, or add on to botox for stubborn lines that need some extra TLC

Silhouette Threads

These threads have filler on them in little cones, so they're ready to do some heavy lifting!


Tried and True when it comes to cheeks, jawlines and chins. this filler lasts about 2 years!


The 'golden standard' for lips. It's what we started with and it's still around doing a great job!


New kid on the block when it comes to lips, offers a more firm border and more defined shape


Softer filler designed for smokers lines and helps avoid lipstick bleeding


Designed to mimic bone, this filler is perfect for jawlines - it can also be diluted to give your butt some TLC


This filler packs some punch and is used for hip dips and to fill in face atrophy 


Long lashes are within reach if you can commit to using Latisse for 3 months.  Best part -they're your lashes, no mascara needed


Leg veins / spider veins - they're a part of life, but we can erase them! 

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