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You're about to start a journey,

here's what you should know! 

We're thrilled that you're starting your aesthetic journey with us,

here are a few things to help you get started! 

Before your visit

  • You can pre-pay a portion of your visit's total (helps soften the blow, or to hide it from a loved one :P )  Just text us and ask for a deposit  link! 

Day of your Appointment 

You can help us by coming with a clean / make up free face!

(don't panic if you're coming from work, we're going to give you a good wipe down either way!)

Sign up for Rewards via Alle, Aspire and or Evolus

Make sure you bring acceptable payment: Cash, Venmo, Visa, Discover or Master Card, Amex or Care Credit  

After Your Visit

Take note of any post care instructions your provider has given you. 

Wait the recommended  time for results, and if something doesn't feel right, Call or Text us!  

Tell your friends how awesome we are because each new client you send our way, gets you $20 off your next visit!

Feeling like an Over Achiever?

Before your visit, sign up for Alle and Aspire so we can help save you money! 

After your visit:

While you were doing research, you probably read a review... Now it's your turn to leave one! 




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