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A new way to Commit + Save

Rewards + Packages + Memberships

Our clients nearly demanded we put together packages and memberships, so in early 2023, we worked tirelessly to come up with 3 membership options and over 10 packages - keep and eye on this page as we evolve!



Just our way of saying 'Thanks for Stopping By!' Anytime you come in for a service, or purchase products, you can check-in and every 3 check-ins earns you a reward! - totally complimentary to sign up!


- Think of this like a Gym Membership, it only benefits you if you use it

- You can't transfer services or benefits  to a friend of family member

- Your payment cycle / treatment cycle resets every month on the 'date' you bought it - example if you sign up on June 12th, you'll get your next benefit on July 12th!

- Keep in mind these are designed to keep you on a skin care regimen, so after 4 months it's set to auto renew - but pausing or canceling is as easy as sending an email from the help section of your app!

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 11.39.28 AM.png.jpeg


A great way to spread out payments / aka payment plan options!

Literally designed to help you spread out the financial commitment on your favorite services and even offer a little savings for committing to a few visits in advance!

Memberships & Packages can be found on

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