We're glad you're a part of Team Meesha ...

But for your safety, comfort - and for the fairness of our team and other clients, we have a few rules we want to lay out for everyone!


We can't treat you without approval from our medical director, to do that you need to fill out the Intake form before your first visit (and once a year after that!)


Speaking of Results, we stand behind our work, if you're not loving something we NEED you to reach out between 2-4 weeks post treatment - anything past that may qualify as another visit!


Your Time, Our Time and The the time of the client after you matters!  If you're more than 10 mintues late for your visit, we might have to reschedule you!


Say NO to NO shows, we set aside 30-60 minutes for you - if you can't make it, we're not mad, we just need to know!  Please familiarize yourself with our Deposit / Cancellation policy - so you don't lose your deposit! 


Speaking of deposits, we require $50-$100 for new friends - this isn't a consultation fee, it holds your spot and will be returned if you cancel with 48 hours notice (or it's applied to your visit) or is given back if you just come to chat!


When booking an appt, help us help you by requesting your preferred location, provider and service. 


If you're lucky enough to win one of our giveaways, you're responsible to bring us 'proof of winning' in the form of a screen shot


We love honoring and supporting the Aspire and Alle rewards program, but it's your responsibility to ensure your account is accessible prior to and at your visit so we can help you save and earn rewards! 


Most of our staff members are moms - and we understand childcare isn't easy! But we're performing medical treatments with needles here, so we can't allow kids in the treatment rooms - we're totally cool if they are old enough to entertain themselves in the waiting room!