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Platelet rich plasma has regenerative properties. The bodies natural response when introduced with plasma is to 'heal' and re-stimulate, which is why PRP is great for under eye rejuvenation. 

The treatment is a bit complex. First, we draw 15 ML of blood and give it a spin in the centrifuge.  Gravity does the work of separating the red blood cells from the liquid gold (plasma). 

Most friends say it's a 3/10 on the pain scale. We do not use topical numbing as it does not have an effect on the surface of the skin.

To prepare for treatment, we ask our clients to eat a meal and to arrive hydrated to alleviate the chances of feeling light-headed. 


Important PRP Notes

If you want results, you need to...

Commit to 3-4 treatments 

While PRP is considered 'liquid gold' it will not provide the instant results dermal filler offers. Trust the process as it takes 3 treatments to yield results. Collagen and elastin are stimulated over time, not overnight.

What to expect after treatment...

Swelling is almost inevitable with treatment - so be prepared to be a bit swollen for a few days post treatment

Once you obtain results...

You're good for awhile - but to maintain results, we recommend to come back every 12-18 months


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