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Things Might Look A Little Different, But We Promise to Provide The Same White Glove Service You're Used To!

It's important for your safety (and ours!) that you read the following prior to your visit! Our goal is to make your visit go as seamlessly as possible! Remember, before we were Nurse Injectors, we worked in ERs and Hospitals, we're good at staying safe!

Before your visit

  • If it's been >12 months since your last visit OR you've had major health changes :: Fill out our Intake Form (it's required)

  • Have all Rewards (Alle or Aspire) activated and have any redemption codes readily available. (Printed helps, but not required!) *** If they're not ready, we can't use them to help save you money!  

  • SAFTEY FIRST: If you're not feeling so hot, CANCEL -- trust us ,we love Botox/ Skin care too, but if you get us sick, we can't help other folks! 

Day of your Appointment 

  • EAT! Seriously, a small % of people feel nauseous during treatment, and it's always because they skipped breakfast

  • The less makeup you wear to your appt, the quicker we can get to business, we can't start with makeup in the treatment area!  

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your visit, if you're any earlier - hang tight in your car -   Feel free to visit our Virtual Magazine Rack.

  •   To decrease the # of people in the office, we're asking that folks leave their friends and children at home if possible.


Day of your Appointment 

  • Take a deep breath and relax, we were going above and beyond CDC sterilization recommendations before Covid-19 and now we've up'd our game!

  • A team member will take your temperature contact-free : You'll be asked to reschedule if it's > 100. 4


  • You'll bypass the waiting rooms and head straight for your providers room with staff to guide the way! 


  • We may request that you pay while you numb, or while your provider prepares for your treatment : Prefer  Venmo or  Major Credit / Debit Cards but of course accept Cash and Checks


  • We've extended our appointment times to ensure you still get to enjoy your time with us, and we get extra time to sterilize between clients

  • A Staff member will be able to assist you in rescheduling your next visit! 


After Your Visit

  • Take note of any post care instructions your provider has given you. 

  • We welcome any feedback about your visit, or the process of getting a service!

  • Wait the recommended  time for results, and if something doesn't feel right, Call or Text us!  

  • Tell your friends how awesome we are because each new client you send our way, gets you $20 off your next visit!

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