Beauty Track #1

Stop The Clock

$350 / visit

With over 75 years of combined anti-aging magic under our belts, we've determined the most common track to "damn I feel and look great!"   We took these services and broke them into three office visits. We added up the total cost, took off 10% and then divided by 3, so you pay the same amount per visit, making your beauty track more enjoyable! 



Microneedling! This treatment is designed to clear up any discoloration, superficial lines and will leave you feeling glowing! 

      Looking to boost your results, or looking to try the "Vampire Facial" you've seen the celebrities post about? Think about Adding PRP to your visit one.  Using your own white blood cells (you know, the ones that have super healing power) we'll promote collagen production and help give you that lift you're missing!

Add $150

Visit Two

It's time for 30 Units of Botox or Dysport! These neurotoxins aren't as scary as they sound! They work by temporarily weakening the muscles that cause wrinkles! This visit will leave your looking and feeling like a new you!

Read More about Botox // Dysport

Visit Three

Here's where the magic really happens, Filler! We've got a handful of tricks up our sleeve, and we'll help you determine which filler might be best for you! 

Read More about:

Juvederm, Volbella, Refyne and Defyne.

Looking for a Little "extra" lift? Ask us about using Voluma to give yourself that extra lift in the cheek area to create a refreshed contoured look!

Looking for just 1 procedure that will do everything above? Maybe it's time to look into


Our most invasive procedure will leave you looking and feeling FABULOUS! Using RF Waves to super heat the sub-dermal layers we're able to encourage the body to produce the Elastin, Collagen and Hylarounic Acid you've been losing since age 25! 

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