Since we're all going to be wearing masks for quite some time... It's your Eyelashes turn to shine!

Latisse is a medical grade topical solution that helps lengthen and strengthen  to short / or patchy eye lashes!  These are NOT extensions, these are your lashes! 


IMPORTANT:  Like all medical grade solutions, proper (and regular) application is essential for success! That's why you need to follow these steps: 


1. Fill out the consent form HERE, it will email itself to us

2. Hang Tight, We'll text you when to pay us! 

3. If you're a candidate we'll ask you to Venmo (@botoxbymeesha) or call us with a Credit Card to pay  $175 for a 5 month supply (that includes shipping and tax)   

4. We'll mail you latisse! 

5. You'll apply it twice daily as per the instructions! 

6. Enjoy the results