Platlet rich plasma has regenerative properties.  Your bodies natural response when introduced with Plasma is to 'heal' and re-stimulate, which is why PRP is great for treating hair loss. 

The treatment is a bit complex, first we draw your blood and give it a spin in our centerfuige.  Gravity does the work of separating your red blood cells from our liquid gold (plasma). 

We draw the plasma in to BD Syringes and then re apply that plasma into the scalp where the magic begins to happen! 

Most friends say it's a 3/10 on the pain scale. 

PRP for Hair loss

Important PRP Notes

If you want results you need to...

Commit to 3-5 treatments 

Rome wasn't built in a day, and your hair isn't going to come back over night.  Commit and trust the process.

Once you obtain results...

You're good for a while - but to maintain that hair growth we recommend a treatment yearly.

For quicker results...

Ask us about Nutrafol.  We're not 'up sellers' but we've seen quicker results with our friends who use Nutrafol (supplement) on their hair restoration journey! 

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