The Meesha Loyalty Card

Wanna save over $600 over the next year? It's easy, You just need to have an appointment for Botox on or before  5/31, an active Brilliant Distinction's Account, and to snag one of these fancy Meesha Keytags to track your journey, we've got just 250! 

The only other stipulation? You need to finish your 4 visits in under 14 months! 

Visit #1

Welcome to Loyalty, you can take $50 off today's Botox Visit! 

Visit #2 

Welcome back! Take another $50 off today's Botox Visit!

(Congrats, you've saved $100 so far!) 

Visit #3

Let's up the ante, at today's visit you can take $100 off a Botox and Juvederm Filler treatment (since you've now saved $200, (and will save ~$400 next month)  Treat yourself to Lips, or Filler under the eyes! 

Visit #4


You made it! You got all four punches on your card and we're gonna reward you with up to 50 units of FREE BOTOX! That's right, no catch,