Beauty Track

Forever Young

$280 / visit

With over 75 years of combined anti-aging magic under our belts, we've determined the most common track to looking young forever, or aging gracefully!   We took these services and broke them into three office visits. We added up the total cost, took off 10% and then divided by 3, so you pay the same amount per visit, making your beauty track more enjoyable! 



We'll help you pick between one of 3 options. Each are designed to remove the top layer of dead skin cells to keep you  glowing!  

Chemical Peel

           We like to start most clients with a Level 1 or Level 2 Chem. Peel!  The Gesner solution is applied to the skin and neutralized after 60 seconds of hard work!  In 3-4 days you'll look (and feel) more radiant! 


Using a diamond embedded tip, our skilled esthetician will remove the top layer of dead skin cells and clear off any dry or oily patches of skin. 


We'll take a scalpel shaped blade and gently remove any unwanted hair and dead skin patches on the skin.  This is a super common treatment before any event where you'll be in full face make up! 

Visit Two

It's time for 20 Units of Botox or Dysport! These neurotoxins aren't as scary as they sound! While your wrinkles might not be deep now, you can use botox as a preventative measure to ensure they never get deep!

Read More about Botox // Dysport

Visit Three

Now you've got a big choice! Filler or Take-Home Skin care! We can add a half (or full) syringe of filler to your lips to either plump or change the shape (while looking natural!) Or if Filler isn't you're thing, you can opt for a skin care bundle filled with medical grade skin care options! 

You don't have to live with the lips you were born with if you don't want to! Thanks to Juvederm, we can manipulate the shape and or size of your lips! Our injectors truly are artist! 

Skin Care Package!

We've put together the ultimate skin care package! We'll walk you through every step and make sure you're ready to fight aging at home!  

We'll send you home with:  HA5   + Total Defense (with SPF) + Regenica Eye Cream 

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